Vigorous By Pendora Paris Corner Eau De Parfum 100ml Retail Pack


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 About Vigorous By Pendora Paris Corner Eau De Parfum 100ml Retail Pack

In case you are looking for a fragrance that would suit any mood and complement your smart, elegant personality, Vigorous for Men is the right choice  for you. 

Vigorous truly captures the bold and free spirit of the masculine youth . It has a very strong whiff, courtesy the various herbs that are part of the product’s key ingredients.

A perfume, like a musical note, comprises different basic notes that are defined as top notes, middle notes and base notes. This particular perfume uses extracts from Coriander, Aldehydes, Artemisia among others as its top notes, while Jasmine, Cinnamon Patchouli, Orris root and Carnation have been used for the middle notes. Vanilla, Honey and Amber form its base notes. A perfect balanced mixture of all these elements and other specific aromas go into creating this wonderful fragrance that is Vigorous .

Top Notes : Bergamot, Clary Sage, Coriander, Artemisia, Aldehydes
Mid Notes : Pierre Bourdon
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Civet, Leather, Honey

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Inspired By : Kouros By Yves-Saint-Laurent