Blend Afgano By Paris Corner Eau De Parfum For Men 80ml Retail Pack


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About Blend Afgano By Paris Corner  : 

A woody aromatic fragrance for men and women. It opens with dark wood, tobacco and coffee. The oud is very much prominent in the fragrance right after the opening. It's mossy, dark, vibrant and strongly aromatic. The green notes and cannabis combine together to form a smooth earthy accord. The scent feels high spirited, energetic yet warm and subtle with the texture base of coffee and incense. The incense present in the cologne adds a smoky tone that gives the fragrance a slight burnt wood touch. It's a real piece of art, especially for the tobacco lovers.

Top Notes: Green Notes and Cannabis

Middle Notes: Tobacco, Coffee, Woodsy Notes and Resins

Base Notes: Agarwood (oud) and Incense

Classification: Woody Aromatic


Inspired By : Black Afgano By Nasamatto 

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